The Poetry of Motion - The Journey

We really had an amazing experience recording The Poetry of Motion project.  10 days of traveling - adjusting to time zones, new environments, and locations.  Uber and trains were our in-country transports and both were super convenient.  Uber has completely redone the travel experience for me - and there is no exchange of currency as it's all done through my bank account.  
We were absolutely delighted to land at a B&B called Lorne House in Box, Wiltshire UK.  The country side was bucolic and vibrant green with many brooks & streams running through the valley floor where we were. The property that Real World Studios resides on used to be a mill run by damming the stream.  

Musical Reflections for the New Year

I'm always given to reflection this time of year.  Perhaps it is the longer hours of darkness that prods me towards internal focus - in any case, I'm very excited to have completed my first solo CD project of songs that I've loved forever.  They are like friends that I meet and we just pick up where we left off - never strangers and always glad to reacquaint.  These are just a few of many that I've been performing with my trio over the last couple of years.  House concerts are lovely in that they allow for an intense intimacy and joyful exchange - an accessiblity to audience and performer.  I have only recently been experimenting with different kinds of venues such as restaurants for performances.  It is definitely a different experience.  I will not make any decisions on preferences until I've tried a number of venue types. 

The main objective is to have more people hear my voice and how I express myself through song.  I'm certainly curious where this journey will lead.  I look forward to sharing a joyful noise in the New Year. 

Blessings to you all and may musical magic grace your moments as it does mine! 


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