Bare Essentials CD Blog #3

Hi Everyone - Thank you again for your support of my project with your pledge.  Now that I have what is called the "bed" tracks - what to do!  Good Question!  Listen Listen Listen..  and what am I hearing..  I had a house concert this past weekend and the trio played a lot of the music that will be on this CD.  We had great response and I had a complete blast.  It's about singing the way that I hear the lyrics.. and how I feel them in the music.  I love winding my way through a melody..  bending here.. shaping there..  breathy and then suddenly soaring..  and that is what is beautiful about a house concert as well.. everyone there becomes part of an experience..  really beautiful, intimate, tender and fun!  Which is what I wanted for this CD project..  and it is incredibly intimate.. just my voice and Charles' guitar..  I have very simple vocal arrangements - I leave the fills to Charles..  just the feeling, the lyrics and the music..  Which leads me to what I'm doing now.  I'm listening to what I've recorded so far as vocals and deciding if they hit the mark I'm aiming for.  Some of the vocals are already slated for replacement as they were placeholders in order to get the arrangement down with the guitar.  I'm going through all 12 songs with the idea that likely 10 will make it to the final CD.  I'm really going for a certain feeling throughout the CD and all of the songs are being held up against that mark.  Next Update:  Production Progress!

Love Lisa