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I first met Lisa Star at a party given by our mutual friend, Roberta Donnay.  That evening we sat around playing and singing various tunes we knew.  Lisa sang a most lovely unplugged version of Greg Lake's song From The Beginning.  What became immediately apparent was the beautiful qualities of her gossamery voice and expressive phrasing.  These few years later, the opportunity presented itself to work together, and what a great time we had.  It didn't take Lisa long to settle into what was her new environment at "the Abbey Road of the Southwest," Sugarhill Recording Studios in Houston, TX.  Chief Engineer Andy Bradley set up a vintage Neumann U67 microphone which captured every detail of Lisa's voice.  What struck me again as we rehearsed and recorded was the lovely quality of her almost ethereal voice.  The contrast of the resonance of my guitar and her subtile voice, I think, is a striking combination.  I'm very excited about this project and look forward to working more with Lisa in the future.  I'm proud to have played a part in this artist's evolving craft.