Bare Essentials CD - Blog #2

Going into the Studio at SugarHill in Houston:  The first time I enter the studio for a session, it is a lot of motion - mikes being moved and set up, the space arranged just so, and in this case we also had two amplifiers in isolation booths to record a live sound for the guitar while Charles was busy recording on a DI (direct input to the digital recording system). (Thanks to Ray Cooper for the Guitar sound idea). 

Charles and I were facing each other across a low-lit room.  There was a gobo (a sound treatment barrier) between us to prevent my mic from "hearing" his picking on the guitar and we could see each other for cues and grins.

Charles looked 14 - so excited, happy and focused!  Then our engineer gave us our headphone "mixes".  I could hear Charles and he could hear me.. and then, just looking for that sweet spot of the mix between the two.. add the magic of a little reverb and we were ready to roll.

Next Update:  Tracking..(the joy of)

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